Yacht Signs

Illuminated Yacht Signs, From Concept to Manufacture

When it comes to yacht names, yacht lettering, illuminated yacht signs, stainless steel and acrylic there are many related techniques and skills involved along the way. Lumenautica offer the complete project solution – from Billet to Boat.

Once Lumenautica have completed all the design work for a yacht name they will then plot all the fixing locations and wire entry points in relation to GA plans showing bulkhead and strengthening bars. These will then be signed off and manufacturing can commence.

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Manufacturing Illuminated Yacht Signs

When it comes to the manufacturing of all Lumenautica’s illuminated yacht signs, the start of any large project begins with hand selecting choice sheets and billets of 316 stainless steel from a handful of stainless steel depots here in the UK. The selection process minimises pitting on the stainless steel which maximises surface quality giving a superior finish to you yacht lettering.

Once the stainless steel is selected, depending on its thickness, it is then transported for either  Laser cutting or water jet cutting to have the lettering profiles cut. Laser cutting will cut through a 10mm maximum thickness of 316 stainless steel whereas water jet cutting will cut through up to 100mm of solid stainless steel.

Machining, Cutting and Polishing

After pre-cutting, letters up to 10mm thick will be immediately mirror polished. A lengthy, laborious and highly skilled process taking up to two hours per letter in some cases. Only the highest grade mops and finishing compounds are used to create Lumenautica’s superior finish. Letters thicker than 10mm will usually be CNC finished to their final state.

Water jet cutting will cut the letters rough outline but CNC milling will finish the letters to their precise final size and thickness. In some cases a surface finish will also be machined on, this may include chamfering, large ‘V’ beveling or radial fronts. Those letters will only then be linished and mirror polished, sometimes taking up to three hours per letter depending on its size.

Surface Finishing

Some letters will then require a secondary finish; this may include powder coating, wet painting to a selected RAL number or hard PVD plating to one of 3 different colours, gold, black or bronze. Please see our Yacht Lettering & Finishes page for further information on finishes.

From here the finished stainless yacht sign will then be individually attached, bonded and sealed to their relevant acrylic backing letter which houses either the fibre optic or LED illumination (or no illumination in some cases). The yacht letters are then left for a certain amount of time before clean up and are then finally wrapped, packed, boxed and shipped to the client’s selected global destination.

When requested by the client, Lumenautica will then travel to ‘said’ destination and assist with the drilling and fitting of the yacht name.

When purchasing illuminated yacht signs from Lumenautica you can be assured that quality and excellence are at forefront with each step of the manufacturing process.

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