Designers and Shipyards

Below are some Commonly asked questions by designers and shipyards regarding an illuminated ship names. If you have any alternative questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

We have our own design for for the illuminated ship names and logos, are there any limitations to the design?

For LED & Fibre Optic illuminated ship names, the only limitation would be the stroke width of the thinnest areas. This can be 15mm minimum width. For correct homogeneous light output we require  5mm for the LED and 5mm either side for sufficient gluing area. This needs to be taken into consideration when designing a font.

What type of file should we send over for manufacture and quotation purposes?

Please send us a Vectorised File of the name or logo. Sending two versions is always a good practice.  If a vector file of the ships logo is not available, please issue a 300dpi clean image so that we can digitise in house. File types we can import and work with are,

  • PDF Files
  • EPS Files
  • AI Files
  • DXF Files

Please send any large digital files via our Wetransfer page LUMENAUTICA YACHT SIGNS to our email address.

We have a ‘first of her kind’ new build yacht and would like something different from the norm for the illuminated ship names, are there any limitations to styling?

The limits to styling here are endless, even if its not seen in on our website, more often than not we can create exactly what it is you have in mind. We will work with you closely to create something extra special, be it 50mm thick solid stainless steel with a curved surface with black polished anthracite finish. Or matching RAL number painted surfaces with polished gold inserts to finish off an RGB illuminated ships name. ANYTHING is possible! Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Do you offer site visits?

Yes we do, upon request, prior to manufacture we can site visit your project to make sure all details are correct and true. Our factory here in the UK is also open for visits should that be required.

Can your illuminated Ship Names be fitted on to a curved surface?

Yes they can. Depending on budget there are three typical options for fitting one of our names to a curved superstructure. It always helps to know in advance the radius of the mounting surface.

A. Letter Standoff’s. – Over the width or height of any letter mounted on a curved surface there will be a curve offset which can be easily measured using a straight edge. We can then supply the letters with nylon or polished stainless steel standoff’s larger than the curve offset to compensate for the curved mounting surface.

B. Machining the backs of the letters to replicate the mounting surface curvature. – Given the known radius of your mounting surface, we can CNC machine the back face of your letters to suit the curved surface. The curve can even go both ways, North to South & Left to Right. In essence the front metal face of the letter will be flat with the acrylic back face con-caved.

C. Thermoforming & Metal Rolling. – Again given the known radius of any mounting surface, we can create 3D mould’s on which acrylic can be thermoformed to. The same mould can also be used to help shape the metal letter fronts to.

We have an awkward mounting situation, do you offer alternative fitting methods?

Yes we do, if you have limited or no internal access we can off our ‘External Fitment – Male/Female’ method. Stainless steel female standoffs will fasten into the superstructure form the exterior, while male fittings secured into the back faces of the illuminated ship names will marry up with the female standoffs and secure in place with integral grub screws.

You will however need some access to pull the cabling for the ships name through.

All yacht names are different and we can offer custom mounting solutions to suit most projects.