Metal Polishing

Stainless Steel Polishing and Finishing

Our in-house metal polishing and stainless steel polishing service in Leicestershire caters for high end Marine, Nautical, Architectural, Aviation and Automotive industries. Specialising in 316 stainless steel polishing, the polishing shop is a pristine and clinical working environment. It is fully equipped with state of the art LED lighting giving our highly skilled metal polishing staff a superior view of the job in hand allowing them to inspect and pick up on any surface flaws as they polish.

Typical Metal Polishing Applications

  • Mirror polished marine components and fastenings
  • Polished and brushed satin aviation decor and decals
  • Mirror polished  stainless steel automotive trims and pedals
  • Mirror polished architectural signage, Llttering, handles and fixings
  • Mirror polished stainless steel yacht signs and refurbishments

Metal Finishing

To minimise room and mop contamination, we follow a strict rule of what metals we will polish in the workshop, 316 stainless steel and 304 parts we will accept. Mild steel and iron parts for example, we will not accept. Please call first if you are looking to have aluminium or brass polished. Our variable speed manual lathes and carefully selected polishing mops from a German supplier allow us to create the perfect surface speed for the job thus minimising pitting and maximising on finish.

Polishing Compounds

Carefully selected polishing compounds achieve a high gloss, deep colour giving the stainless steel surface a streak-free, perfect mirror finish fit for the high-end superyacht and automotive industry.

Metal Polishing Equipment

In addition to our manual stainless steel polishing lathes, we have a range of air-driven hand tools and a 2hp flexi drive portable polisher. These tools give us the flexibility to take on almost any size job from nuts and bolts to intricate stainless steel CNC turned components all the way up to 3m wide flat cut stainless steel lettering and automotive trim sections.

Polishing of Large Parts

A specially designed solid stainless steel polishing / clamping table allows us to hold down the larger, more awkward to handle jobs whilst keeping the parts cool and free from contamination. Alongside the stainless steel polishing shop sits the quarantine / inspection room where finished parts are stored and are free from foreign, airborne, polishing dust.

Polishing Inspection Room

Once inspected and passed, all parts are carefully hand taped with low-tack protection tape to ensure the inspected finish is safe from finger prints and minor knocks.

Metal Cutting and Polishing – One Stop Shop

Utilising a handful of select, local subcontractors we can also offer a ‘one stop shop’ whereby metal parts, either solid or from mirror polished 316 flat sheet can be laser cut and or CNC lathe turned. The parts are project managed by our in house CAD design team, sent for machining and then finally mirror polished and quality inspected in house and delivered to the customer with care.

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Please contact us today with your stainless steel polishing and mirror polishing requirements, or come and visit us if your in the Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Coventry or Birmingham area.

Metal Polishing Portfolio

Take a look through our metal polishing portfolio to get an idea of the diverse range of projects we cater to. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, get in touch to find out if we can help.