Yacht Branding


to enhance branding continuity across your yacht – from dockside to bow –

Custom-Painted Life Rings and Lifebuoys

Add extra flair to your yacht branding – as well as your yacht’s logo – to standard orange life rings with colour-matched paint themes, either two-tone or single-colour.

All life rings come banded with SOLAS-rated reflective tape as standard. They can be custom-painted in any colour to suit your yacht’s theme and adorned with custom logo decals, which are polyurethane clear-coated for longevity at sea. A superb addition to your yacht branding.

Our range include:

  • 30” (73cm) 4kg reflective tape SOLAS & MED compliant/approved with grab lines. To use with smoke and light signal
  • 30” (73cm) 2.5kg reflective tape SOLAS & MED compliant/approved complete with grab lines for increased visibility
  • 24″ (62cm) 2.5kg SOLAS & MED compliant/approved tape and grab lines

As with all accessories, life rings can be purchased alongside an order, or on their own.

Customised Hypalon® Patches and RIB Logos

Add a personalised touch to your RIBs, rescue boats and tenders with a customised Hypalon® patch.

We can cut your logo into a range of contrasting Hypalon® colours and textures to blend in with your boat’s existing colour scheme.

These incredibly durable patches have outstanding abrasion resistance, UV stability and can withstand intense temperatures, thanks to their polyethylene/neoprene construction.

Personalised Ship’s Bell

In certain parts of the world, it is required by law to have a ship’s bell present on-deck if your vessel is over a certain size – usually for use during periods of low visibility. For others a ship’s bell is simply an aesthetic piece, harking back to seafaring traditions of old.

Manufactured from cast 316L stainless steel, we can offer corrosion-proof bells ranging from 100 – 400mm in diameter, with an array of mounting options. We can then take your yacht’s name/logo and launch date, and engrave these into the stainless steel surface.

Private Yacht No Boarding Sign

By far our most popular accessory product, our “Private Yacht No Boarding” signs allow you to stipulate your privacy in style, as well as on-brand with your yacht.

To extend your yacht branding these passerelle-mounted signs can be adorned with custom logo decals upon request, and are available in a range of different builds:

  • BASE-LINE – 3mm thick Dibond® composite panel with surface-mounted vinyl lettering. No clear-coat protection.
  • MID-LINE – 3mm thick Dibond® composite panel with surface-mounted vinyl lettering and clear-coat protection – inserted into a 10mm thick gloss black/white acrylic frame.
  • HIGH-LINE – 2mm thick carbon fibre panel with surface-mounted vinyl lettering and clear-coat protection – inserted into a 10mm thick gloss black/white acrylic frame.
  • LED-LINE – 15mm thick acrylic with LED illumination (via internal LEDs) and integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.
  • CUSTOM-LINE – A custom build of your choice. Painted specific colours, machined from specific materials, etc. Priced upon request.

Custom Vinyl Decals

As well as our primary product range of illuminated signage, we also offer high-quality vinyl decals, which can be easily applied to a variety of surfaces – flat or curved, as an extra addition to your yacht branding.

These vinyls are highly weather-resistant, with their lifespan ranging from (and often exceeding) 3 – 10 years, depending on the environment they are placed in.

Simply provide artwork and dimensions, and the vinyl will be cut and coloured to the size and RAL code/Pantone specified. Multi-layered decals and metallic finishes (as shown on the left) are also available, upon request.

Moulded Chrome Logos

Regardless of whether your vessel is 20ft or 200ft, adding some finer details can really make all the difference.

Most commonly required for production boats, where the yacht maker’s mark and corporate logo requires some added design flair and depth.

The injection-moulding process used to make these highly corrosion-resistant pieces allow for complex 3D shapes and, therefore, a great deal of creative freedom. The finish can also be mixed and matched to specific RAL codes and gloss levels.

The logos are then mounted with pre-mounted adhesive tape, utilising our supplied template for precise alignment and spacings.

Whether it’s a one-off or a bulk order, once the female mould is machined, we can replicate your chrome moulded logos time after time.

Homeport and Port of Registry Yacht Lettering

Another of our most popular products – usually purchased in the form of legally-required hailing ports – 316L stainless-steel letters are both exceptionally elegant and resilient in the way they communicate your vessel’s identity.

Available in mirror-polished, brushed or matte finishes, our stainless steel lettering can be laser-cut from 2mm or 4mm stainless steel in your choice of font and size, to really compliment the rest of your vessel’s name and style.

They also make for a lovely alternative to multi-layered illuminated signage on smaller vessels such as utility boats and other tenders.

Tailor Made Boat Mats for Luxury Superyachts

Extend your branding with custom boat mats, like logo dock mats and deck mats, delivered directly to you around the world. Our new bespoke products have been introduced to satisfy our client’s demand for brand continuity across their vessels and to deliver that extra wow factor.

Lumenautica offers you a suite of boat matting products that can be printed and manufactured with your vessel’s logo, or indeed coloured to your specific branding scheme. Each mat will be made to your exacting brief then drop-shipped direct to you at your specified time and location.