Design and Fitting Options

Yacht Lettering, Yacht Signs, and Name Boards, Design & Fitting Service.

With a myriad of yacht lettering styles and different fonts available on the market it can sometimes be very difficult to choose a style. With many years of experience with fonts, lettering styles, design layouts and a keen eye for aesthetics we can offer a design service where we supply the design work and offer various styles for your consideration. Each can then be individually tweaked and customised to suit.

The beauty of our customisation is that no other yacht will have the same font as yours. If, for instance you wanted your own hand writing for the lettering style, this can be achieved. Please contact us to discuss your design requirements and needs.

If you have an existing yacht lettering or logo design already, please send to us the vectorised PDF files and or EPS files. If none of these are available we can also accept 300dpi High resolution JPG. files

Yacht Lettering Fitting Service

Here at Lumenautica, to make life easier for you, we can also offer a yacht lettering fitting service. We will assist with the template alignment, all fitting and sealing aspects of the yacht lettering, electrical hook up to our power supplies.

We also carry out and commission the fibre optic termination if such option is selected. Alongside this we can also assist with on site meetings and yard visits to make sure every base is covered and all details are exact before any manufacturing commences. Please contact us for further details.

Our Yacht Lettering Systems

Whether its an LED sign or a Fibre Optic sign, our yacht lettering and illumination systems are designed and engineered to survive within the marine environment. Our LED yacht signage system offers ‘energy saving’ and ‘ease of fitment’ qualities whereas our Fibre Optic system offers a peace of mind ‘no exterior electrics’ or heat present at the name.

Our systems are compatible with 12v DC and 24v DC as well as European and American mains voltage supplies. All our illuminated yacht lettering signs are backed as standard with a 10mm thick acrylic which houses the relevant light source. This Acrylic Backing can be either ‘Flush’, ‘Bevelled’ or ‘Inset’. Backings can also be thickened up to suit your aesthetic requirements. Please contact us to discuss which system is best suited to your project.

Our Yacht Lettering Fitment Options

When fitting yacht lettering to your vessel, it’s worth bearing in mind that at some point during your yacht’s life, the superstructure will need a re-spray. We have taken this into consideration and have developed two separate fitting methods that we recommend for ease of letter removal at any time, ‘Flush Mount’ & ‘Stand Offs’. Neither method supersedes the other when it comes to aesthetics and illumination, the method is purely down to preference. Our External Mounting System (EMS) also means that names can be fitted to the exterior of the yacht from the outside without have access to the interior.

We can of course supply any fitting method that’s familiar to you, whether you wish to use cable glands, bushes, pins & grub screws. If required, we also have the ability to shape the letter backings to perfectly fit the curvature of the yacht transom or superstructure.