Custom Deck Mats for Boats, Yachts and Docks

Tailor-made Boat Mats for Luxury Superyachts

Create brand continuity and a warm welcome to your vessel with a personalised boat mat.

Also known as a yacht mats, logo boat mats or boat welcome mats, these are long-lasting, durable and customised mats that deliver an extra “Wow” factor for your guests.

We print and manufacture high-quality mats with your branding, and deliver directly to you, wherever you are in the world. 

Lumenautica offers you a suite of boat matting products, printed and manufactured with your vessel’s logo or in your brand colours. We have a range of standard sizes and colours available to fit any requirement.

  • Robust, High-Quality Colour with 44 Colour Choices!
  • Machine Washable
  • Worldwide Scheduled Delivery

A custom yacht mat provides extra presence when you’re dockside; they reinforce your brand identity and make it easier for your guests to locate you, especially if your neighbour isn’t using a yacht mat. Our new bespoke deck mats are newly designed to satisfy our clients’ desire for brand continuity across their vessels.

To order your custom yacht mat, send us an email or call our office on +44 (0) 1455 632 897.

Each yacht mat will be made to your exact brief, and shipped directly to you at your specified time and location.

Durable, Lightweight Boat Mats

These branded boat mats are based on a workhorse deck mat. A personalised boat mat has a high-quality construction and is designed for many years of use in high and low traffic areas. The colour has high UV resistance, preventing fading over time, and the nitrile rubber backing leaves no stain on the deck.

The hardwearing nylon surface completely protects flooring in areas of high traffic, such as the boat entrance from the jetty. This doesn’t make them rough, however. Lumenautica Boat Mats have a soft and comfortable texture, whether you’re in deck shoes or bare feet.

Control dirt, dust and moisture ingress from footwear, protecting your deck throughout.

  • Durable Nylon Surface
  • Effective Contamination Control
  • Soft and Comfortable Feel

The durability is second to none. Our personalised boat mat carries a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for any manufacturing defect as standard. But in truth, we’d expect the mat to last many years beyond this.

Order your durable, lightweight custom yacht mat, send us an email or call our office on +44 (0) 1455 632 897.

Boat Welcome Mats: A Safety Feature

Using a mat provides a welcoming entry to your vessel, with your logo and brand colours front and centre. 

These lightweight mats are completely portable, and prevent slips, trips and falls, improving boat safety for boarding guests and crew.

  • Anti-slip, Lay Flat Backing
  • Anti-trip Borders
  • Backing Options for Carpet, Deck or Dock

Special modifications can be made to the back of the personalised boat mat to adapt them for use on either carpet, decking or dockside applications. There’s no extra cost for this: simply mention it to our customer service team and we’ll make the alterations for you as appropriate.

To order your custom yacht mat, send us an email or call our office on +44 (0) 1455 632 897.

Maintaining Custom Yacht Mats

During its lifetime, maintenance for the crew couldn’t be easier. Simply dry vacuum the mat to remove dried dirt and dust. 

When required, use a washing machine, carpet shampoo machine or pressure hose with detergent to refresh the tuft to new. Once clean, simply leave outside to dry in the sun.The boat mat is fully machine washable at 60oC. They are also suitable for medium-temperature tumble drying.

N.B. Please check the maximum load of your washing machine as, although you can’t hurt boat mats, overloading may cause damage to the machine.

Order your durable, lightweight custom yacht mat, send us an email or call our office on +44 (0) 1455 632 897.

Boat / Yacht Mat Information and Specs

  • Non-staining anti-slip, lay flat black nitrile rubber backing complete with anti-trip borders
  • Backing options configured for carpet, deck or dock applications: gripper or smooth  – no extra charge
  • Easy to maintain and fully machine washable at 60oC/ 140oF
  • Easy storage and re-use
  • High UV resistance
Width Length
(CM) (CM)
60 85
85 120
85 150
115 175
85 300
200 400
Add your logo and yacht name to your boat mats
bespoke decking mats with your logo and branding
A bespoke boat mat for a superyacht from Lumenautica
Large deck mat from Lumenautica. Superyacht boat mat
Example of a large Personalised Yacht Mat from Lumenautica
Personalised boat mats for your yacht

Printing Your Personalised Boat Mat

You have complete freedom over the image or logo used. Just tell us your design and we’ll do the rest. 

We’ll first produce a proof to ensure you’re happy to proceed and then arrange for it to be printed and manufactured.

The durable nylon pile of the deck mat is printed with your vessel’s name, logo or brand colours, with 44 colours to choose from. This is deep printed right down to the base of the pile, so your image is faithfully reproduced on your logo mat.

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