Yacht Lettering FAQs for Captains and Owners

Yacht Sign FAQs for Captains and Owners

Lumenautica, yacht signage and lighting solutions, offer their services to yacht captains and yacht owners across the globe. Below are some of the frequently asked questions we get asked by the captains and owners. Simply click on the question to reveal the answer. If you do not see the answer to the question you may have, do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly staff will be more than willing to help you. +44 (0) 1455 632 897 or fill out the form on our contact page.

We have an existing stainless steel yacht name installed on-board. Can we save the metal fronts and have them illuminated?

Yes, you can. The yacht letters would have originally been cut from a digital file somewhere along the line. If you can locate and send us this original file, we can use this to replicate your front letter profile onto our illumination backing letter. The files are usually kept with the shipyard or designer. More often than not, we can match fonts too.

Do we need a power supply or transformer with our yacht names?

Yes, all our LED illuminated yacht names come complete with an IP67 power supply junction box to suit your on-board voltage. Our power supply must be used as this regulates the voltage being sent to the individual letters. In most cases they are the size of a small shoe box and are easily mounted with four screws.

Will we have to drill holes in the superstructure?

As daunting as it sounds, all illuminated yacht names require holes to be drilled into the superstructure of the yacht. Don’t let this discourage you; we always endeavour to keep mounting holes and wire holes to a minimum and their locations are meticulously plotted via the use of precise drilling templates. In some cases, hole locations can be digitally laid over General Arrangement (GA) plans to see what internal obstructions there may be. Correctly installed letters should never leak into the yacht.

How will my yacht name fasten to the ship?

Our standard mounting method is threaded studs integrally mounted into the backs of each letter. You tell us the thickness of the mounting surface, we determine the stud length. The threaded fixings pass through template-drilled holes and fasten up from inside the yacht with the aid of washers and nuts. The letters will fit directly flush onto the mounting surface. Please contact us for details on correctly sealing the drilled holes from the elements.

Alternatively, we can offer our External Mounting System (EMS). This is a series of two-part stainless steel spacers consisting of M10 pins that protrude from the backs of the letters and fasten into 24mm (Ø) female lugs, which are tapped into the hull at M16. This allows for precise installation, even when you have little-to-no internal access.

Who can install the yacht name for us?

All of our yacht names are sent out with a comprehensive list of installation instructions; on the whole – with the correct equipment – they are fairly easy to install. We also offer a worldwide installation service.

We have no internal access to mount the names from the inside, what are our options?

We offer an alternative fixing method via our External Mounting System (EMS), whereby the letters are fastened to the yacht from the outside with two-part stainless steel spacers. The only access needed will be to group the wires up from inside. This can be done using a combination of pull-rods and a hook-type tool.

Do you have more general FAQs for illuminated yacht signs?

Can’t find all your questions answered in this section? Then check out our general FAQs page here. We’ve taken the most asked questions regarding yacht illuminated lettering and put them together in this handy section of our website

What about FAQs for shipyards and designers?

Because we work closely with many of the world’s leading shipyards, we understand their unique needs. This means our FAQs for designer and shipyard teams answers most of their initial questions. We’re more than happy to them with you in a joint call to talk through your designs from a technical point of view to ensure you and your client’s needs are met.

How about FAQs for repair and refit yards?

If you’re getting refit ready, our FAQ guide to superyacht refit and repair yards will help you answer your pressing questions about illuminated yacht names. When coupled with a one to one meeting with our technical expert, you’ll be in an excellent position to have the exact solution for your yacht – anywhere across the globe.

You can also get in touch and together we can help you achieve the right solution when working with your refit team.