Fibre Optic Yacht Names

Fibre Optic Yacht Names Using Lumenautica’s Original and Coveted Yacht Sign Illumination Technique

Fibre optic yacht names were the first and original solution for illuminated yacht lettering. A completely robust system with no power or heat present at the name, the only serviceable part being the fibre optic bulb. The perfect solution for yacht names which may be mounted close to the waterline.

Lumenautica have adapted a special technique they learned in the early days to maximise light output from end emitting fibre optic cables to produce a linear light source, creating a superior homogeneous halo of light around their letters. No other company in the industry adopts this coveted technique and inferior versions are often seen with dull areas and bright.

Letter Construction

Typical fibre optic yacht names from Lumenautica will consist of a 10mm, CNC machine cut, frosted acrylic backing letter with a laser cut, 3mm thick, mirror polished 316 stainless steel top letter sitting flush to the backing. The edges of the stainless steel top letter come polished as standard. Lumenautica can produce fibre optic yacht names from as little as 80mm high and up to 2m in height for single letters.  For some of the more prestigious projects, the lettering can be manufactured from solid stainless steel billets, CNC machined up to 50mm thick with a choice surface profiles, shapes and mirror polished by hand to superyacht quality.

The specially treated fibre optics are sealed within the letter and the stainless steel fronts are then bonded in place with an advanced ‘non silicone based’ sealant adhesive.

Click here to view just some of Lumenautica’s yacht lettering styles available with fibre optic illumination.

Fitting Fibre Optic Yacht Names

Fitting of fibre optic yacht names may be slightly more time consuming than an LED version but with a comprehensive set of instructions and extensive advice just a call away – installation needn’t be taxing. For fixing to the super structure, each letter will typically have three to four threaded studs mechanically installed into the backing acrylic. The thread diameter and location is factory determined by the structure and weight of the letter. The length of the threaded fixing stud is determined on site by the yard or the end user. They must be long enough to pass through the superstructure and or transom skin allowing an extra 20mm for nuts and washer fixings.

Custom fitting methods can also be supplied to suit areas of minimal internal access or fast and frequent letter removal. Fixing stud and fibre optic locations are accurately transferred to the yacht via a digital printed or solid cut drilling template.

Fibre Optic Cabling And Projector

A fibre optic yacht letter will typically come with 2 x fibre optic leads per letter, the length of which will be determined onboard.  These cables will pass through the superstructure and routed to where the fibre optic projector is located. The supplied fibre optic projector from Lumenautica operates on mains voltage, although can be supplied as low voltage. Projectors come as white light only, single colour static filters and even colour wheels of multiple colours can be factory installed to any projector for a dazzling colour changing ‘wow’ effect.

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