General Questions

When ordering Illuminated Yacht Lettering or any type of yacht name from Lumenautica, you are more than likely to have questions to ask. Below are just some of the most common queries answered. If your question is still unanswered please contact the sales team today here.

Do you have a font or logo generator for our illuminated yacht lettering design?

We do not offer an online font or logo generator as we see it as very restrictive to limit the customer to 7 or 8 choices of fonts. Not only that, the likely hood of another yacht having the same style name to you would be very likely.

If you do not have a font already but are looking for options, we recommend visiting a site such as MYFONTS.

Once you have a few font choices in mind from there, please let us know as we have access to the same library of fonts. OR….we can offer a design service whereby we offer a selection of font designs to you for approval.

What is the average lead time for manufacturing your illuminated yacht lettering?

Lead times can differ dramatically from project to project, we are most commonly asked for a transom or stern name only. For a typical 7 letter stern name, of approximately 250mm high, we would suggest allowing 3 weeks delivery.

For a typical Port & Starboard yacht sign we would usually say around 4 weeks delivery.

If the order is for a typical Port, Starboard & Transom illuminated lettering we would allow around 4-6 weeks delivery.

Delivery dates are calculated from the date we receive the order deposit.

However, If you have a specific deadline to meet with delivery, please get in touch and we will endeavour to meet any schedules which you may have.

What is the best way to pay for an order?

For us, the most efficient way to pay for your yacht sign is through online banking with a BACS transfer, all our details will be provided within the quotation.

What details do you need for quoting an illuminated yacht lettering project?

When requesting a basic quotation from us for illuminated yacht lettering, please send us the following information,

  • The Name of the yacht?
  • Exact overall sizes, overall height x overall width?
  • How many Names are required?
  • What voltage you have available where the names are to be installed?
  • Is the mounting surface FLAT or is it CURVED?
  • A digital font file of the name or logo

The other information we can advise on.

Where do you ship to?

We ship our yacht names worldwide. In most cases, using specially designed packing crates and only reputable land and air freight couriers ensuring the sign gets delivered to you in the same condition as which it was packaged. Express shipping is also available upon request.

How does the Quality of your letters compare to competitors?

All the materials used within our illuminated yacht lettering are of the highest quality marine grade. All of our stainless steel/Inox is marine grade 316L. All stainless steel surfaces including the edges of letters are mirror polished by hand to eliminate oxidisation. All of  our plastics and acrylics are UV stable. Our painted and plated finishes are all saltwater resistant.

Our yacht letters are double sealed from the elements and the letter finish is of exceptional super-yacht quality.

What are the best file types to send for Quoting and manufacturing purposes?

The fastest way to proceed with a quotation and manufacture is by already having your yacht name or logo design to hand, this can be sent to us digitally, preferably in the form of a vector file Our preferred types are,

  • EPS. File
  • PDF. File
  • AI. File
  • DXF. File

Large files over 10MB and up to 2GB can be sent through reputable file sending sites such as our WeTransfer page – Lumenautica Yacht Signs – We can then directly down load the content from there.

What Voltage do we need on-board to supply the name with?

Voltage is not a problem, we can work with most on-board voltages, Low or High Voltage,

  • 12v DC / 24v DC.
  • 110v AC < 240v AC.

ALL our supplied power supply gear is equipped with over voltage for extra protection.

Can I use my own design for a name or logo?

Yes you can, please see question 7. and send over your yacht sign design in one or two of our preferred formats.

We can even digitise any personal handwriting or drawings sent to us.

Will my illuminated yacht lettering come with a warranty?

Yes, all parts come with a 12 month Lumenautica warranty.