CNC Cutting


Our state of the art, multi-purpose, CNC router system plays a vital role in our production output.  World leading technology and tooling offers tight tolerance precision cutting on a variety of materials and a superior edge finish which is second to none.

Materials can be flat-cut or 3D machined utilising the X, Y and Z axis.


Parts are pre-programmed via our design team and assigned to the machine for CNC cutting and processing. Once a specific part is programmed it is then ‘saved’ for repeat precision cutting, again and again to the same tolerance.


The multi-tool system offers versatility and job speed with a number of tool change options for different cutting applications.


The CNC router bed has a process area of 1.5m x 2.5m allowing the cutting of large scale one-off parts or batch machining of small parts down to around 20mm


SIGN MAKING – All types of flat cut 2D lettering and 3D signage from a variety of materials including, Acrylic, Plexi, Nylon, PMMA, Polycarbonate, Composites, Carbon Fibre, Softwoods, Hardwoods and non ferrous metals.

PLASTIC CUTTING & FABRICATION – Engineering of most plastics, for Architectural, Marine, Commercial and Retail ‘POINT OF SALE’ requests.

LED LIGHTING INDUSTRY – Cutting of clear and opal light transmission lenses for LED fittings and custom lighting applications.

ALUMINIUM FABRICATION – Flat-cut or 3D part manufacturing for a range of industries.

SOLID SURFACE MATERIAL – Cutting and Processing of modern solid surface materials for the marine, domestic and commercial industry including Corian, Krion, Formica and Avonite to name but a few.

GENERAL WOOD WORKING – The machining of plywood’s, softwoods, hardwoods and MDF for Custom Furniture, shop fitting, scenery production cabinet making and more.

CUSTOM EXHIBITION DISPLAYS – Display stands, fixtures and fittings designed and manufactured utilising any of the aforementioned materials for a wide range of industries.

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CNC Machining

We offer custom CNC machining at our in-house facility in Leicester, Leicestershire. From 1 off pieces through to whole production runs, we cut plastics, wood and aluminium/composites on our 4-axis machine. If you have a project which requires CNC machining get in touch to find out more.