LED Yacht Name | M/Y Unwined | 34M Westport

A Luxury Yacht Name Case Study

Lumenautica’s collaboration with this client, brought to life the “Unwined” superyacht in both elegance and playfulness. The client’s vision was clear: an illuminated yacht sign that would captivate and mesmerise both day and night. The solution was a mixture of alternating styles and colours that created a dynamic effect and placed subtle emphasis on the name’s play on words.

Mastering Yacht Signage

The stern name’s proximity to the transom door presented a significant obstacle with regards design and installation, which was deftly resolved with an on-site survey and the use of our EMS (External Mounting System). This allowed the name, built from our HIGH-LINE+ and PAINTED+ ranges, to be mounted exactly where the client wanted it, having compensated for the transom’s curvature.

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