Increase Your Yacht’s Prestige with Custom Deck Mats

Owning or managing a yacht is about more than just the open sea and luxurious escapes; you’re creating an unmatched experience for everyone on board.

For yacht owners and crew, the little details matter, and one such detail is the quality and presentation of your yacht’s deck mats. At Lumenautica, we offer custom deck mats that protect your yacht’s surfaces and enhance its overall aesthetic with personalised branding.

Yachts are a symbol of luxury and elegance. Maintaining their pristine condition while ensuring the safety and comfort of guests is paramount. Here’s how custom deck mats from Lumenautica can increase your yachting experience

Enhanced Aesthetics and Branding

A well-branded yacht deck mat with your yacht’s name or logo adds a touch of sophistication and exclusivity. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to showcase your yacht’s identity, making it stand out whether docked at the marina or cruising on open waters. Custom mats create a cohesive and polished look, reinforcing the luxurious ambiance that your guests expect.

Protection for Your Yacht

The decks of a yacht are constantly exposed to the elements and heavy foot traffic, which can lead to wear and tear. Lumenautica’s deck mats are designed to offer superior protection against these stresses. By placing these mats in key areas such as the bridge, beach deck, engine room, galley and quayside, you can significantly reduce damage to your yacht’s flooring, thereby extending its lifespan and maintaining its value.

Safety First

Safety is a top priority on any yacht. These deck mats are crafted to provide excellent grip and minimise the risk of slips and falls. Whether it’s wet from ocean spray or a bit of spilled champagne, our mats ensure that everyone on board can move around in safety and confidence.

Dockside Presence

Dock mats provide extra presence while your vessel is docked. They reinforce your brand identity and make it easier for your guests to locate your yacht, especially if neighbouring vessels aren’t using dock mats. Our dock mats can be customised to your size requirements, whether large or small, to fit the available space perfectly. We also modify the backing of the boat dock mat to ensure it’s suitable for the exterior floor surface.

Create the Perfect Deck Mat

At Lumenautica, we understand that every yacht is unique, and so are your requirements. That’s why we offer a wide range of options for customisation to suit your specific needs:

  • Colour Options: We offer a standard 44-colour swatch, and colour-matching and custom logo tufting are available to match your yacht’s theme perfectly.
  • Custom Sizes: Whether you need mats for the bridge, beach deck, quayside, galley, engine room, or passerelle, we can create mats that perfectly fit the spaces on your yacht.
  • Personalised Branding: Add your yacht’s name, logo, or any design you prefer. The high-quality printing ensures that your branding looks sharp and lasts long.

Designed for Everyday Use

A Lumenautica deck mat is designed to be used, so they are durable and easy to maintain.

  • Cleaning/Washing: These mats are easy to maintain. They are washable up to 60°C and can be tumble-dried up to 60°C. You can also put them into a washing machine for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Warranty: The durability of your mats is second to none. Each mat carries a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against any manufacturing defects, but in truth, we expect them to last many more years beyond this.

Luxury, Safety, Branding

Custom deck mats from Lumenautica are more than just a functional addition to your yacht; they are an investment in luxury, safety, and branding. Whether you are a yacht owner looking to add a single personalised mat or a crew member in need of multiple mats for different areas, mats will enhance the prestige and comfort of your vessel. Protect your yacht and impress your guests with our custom solutions.

Lumenautica is dedicated to providing top-quality products that meet the unique needs of yacht owners and crew. Our commitment to excellence ensures that everything we do is done with precision and care.

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