Chopi Chopi: A Yacht Sign Refurbishment for Dip Door Transom Name

Previously produced by another manufacturer, we provided a LED to fibre optic conversion and refurb for the client when they repeatedly experienced issues with the LEDs for a dip door transom name.

The name was mounted upon the garage door which temporarily submerged the letters for a period of time. Previously made by another manufacturer and due to inferior manufacturing methods, the existing name persisted in leaking, causing faults within the LED letters. The client had various letters replaced numerous times, which is when they contacted us for a “fit and forget” solution – something fit for purpose to provide them with peace-of-mind. We recommended our fibre optic yacht sign with a remotely mounted super-bright LED light source.

Overhang and Misalignment

The two laminates had been machined by varying artwork resulting in an inconsistent profile causing misalignment and under/over-hang. With inconsistent artwork to hand, we used 3D scanning technologies to assist in producing precise artwork.

Construction and Finish

Upon inspection, the letters were bonded using standard wholesale silicone that was not worthy in a marine environment and due to accelerated deterioration was likely the cause of the water leakage causing the LEDs to fail. Our construction method uses the highest quality of marine grade materials which ensures water-tightness that lasts.

LED to Fibre Optic Conversion

While our letters are watertight, we would always recommend a fibre optic solution for signs that are submerged in water for a period of time. This ensures maximum durability by keeping all electronics external of the letters and safely housed in a dry and protected area of the yacht.

Stainless Steel Polishing Refurbishment

With freshly machined perspex laminates, the client opted for a stainless steel refurbishment to bring the quality up to par. Our highly experienced polishers meticulously worked out the distortion in the face of the stainless steel as well as the abundance of scratches present.

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