LED Signage for Businesses and Architecture

Alongside manufacturing LED signage for yachts and the marine industry, we often get asked to consider architectural LED signage for either building externals, internals or illuminated exhibition displays – it’s a consideration we happily take on-board.

External Architectural LED Signage

More often than not, letters will be mounted on an aluminium back tray which is powder-coated in the desired colour reference. We have the capacity to manufacture letters up to 2.5m tall if required. Letter construction can be either stainless steel in a range of finishes or machined from acrylic and painted the desired colour. More or less any shape or style of a letter can be realised with a backing of opal acrylic which houses our integral LED illumination. Digital graphics can be applied via vinyl technology.

Power Saving

The beauty of our LED illumination system over conventional neon signage and fluorescent light boxes is the power consumption. Typical architectural LED signage from Lumenautica will have a power consumption of around 40W. That’s well over half the consumption than traditional illumination methods. When you’re leaving the lights on for 12hrs, it’s a big difference in consumption.

Internal Architectural LED Signage and Exhibition Stand Displays

LED signs can be made up to a clients specific logo artwork, with any number of colours and finishes available. The same theory applies to the power saving aspect of the sign. LED letters and signs can be individually mounted and they don’t have to have illumination if that is not a requirement. Illuminated exhibition stand displays can be made using a range of materials including acrylic, wood and various metals and finishes. Company logos can be illuminated or non illuminated with copy text written in 3D or vinyl lettering. We can even construct the stand framework using the materials above or almost any desired manufacturing material/finish.

If you have any architectural, commercial or exhibition display requirements, please contact us today to discuss your requirements.