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Illuminated Yacht Signage

Illuminated Yacht Signage . . .

Designed & Manufactured in the UK by Lumenautica. Exceptional Quality Illuminated Yacht Signage & LED Lighting....

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Why Lumenautica?

Lumenautica Yacht Sign Excellence

With more choice of companies than ever offering illuminated yacht signage & lighting services, you may ask the question, ‘so why a Lumenautica yacht sign?’

Maritime Background

Father & Son Partnership, David and Jon Freeman, created Lumenautica Ltd utilising their combined expertise and extensive knowledge of the yachting industry. David has all his working life been involved in boat building and design and Jon has spent his working life in the yacht signage & lighting industry. Both were also closely involved with some of the first ever fibre optic illuminated yacht names and lighting to be installed on superyachts circa 2000.

Since then the technologies involved have come a long way and David & Jon have strived to be at the forefront of the advance. Their combined knowledge and expertise is the perfect platform upon which to build and grow their company, developing new techniques and products for the ever changing superyacht industry.

Lumenautica Standards

Today, many companies still do not adhere to the same mark of quality and fundamental engineering standards that Lumenautica pride themselves upon.  Time & time again illuminated yacht names, manufactured by alternative companies arrive at the Lumenautica Yacht Sign factory for a lighting overhaul, or, in some cases, a complete re-make. This is down to the original manufacturer not understanding the luxurious quality expected of the superyacht market and at the same time, underestimating the extremities of the harsh marine environment and the effect it has on external materials and products.

In House Manufacturing

Based in the heart of England, Lumenautica’s design & manufacture processes are all carried out in house, and adhere to rigorous checks on quality, finish perfection and light output at every stage of manufacture. This ensures to you that the end product is of exceptional quality and fit for purpose, every time.

Selecting Raw Materials

Lumenautica manufacture all of their illuminated yacht signage, lettering & LED lighting solutions only from the finest, superior quality materials. Their 316 stainless steel is hand selected to meet superyacht standards, minimising surface defects and maximising visual and mechanical properties. Even their acrylic is batch manufactured to specific criteria which meets their technical requirements and more.

Second to None Service

When purchasing an illuminated Lumenautica yacht sign or any LED lighting products from Lumenautica, you not only receive their exceptional mark of quality and attention to detail, but also world class technical expertise, second to none after sales and a finished product worthy of the superyacht world.

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